Managed Services Provider

Comprehensive Managed Services Solution for Increased Agility and Uninterrupted Business Continuity

At Quess Singapore, we have designed a suite of smart Managed Services Provider solutions to help clients efficiently manage large pools of vendors, run payroll and compliances, and use technology interfaces to ensure effective centralised controls and continuous improvements.

Our aim is simple yet delivers tangible business impact; it goes beyond the basic mandates of filling your requisitions to deliver excellence across the recruitment value chain. We leverage our custom-made MSP solutions that offer end-to-end contingent-worker lifecycle and vendor management, ensuring high-performance standards to help you build a future-ready workforce aligned to your business goals.

Leveraging a digital-first approach, our MSP solution ensures a seamless end-to-end recruitment process by managing talent, meeting compliance, and enabling supply-chain efficiencies. In addition, we work closely with your in-house team to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement that can help drive down cost and yield higher value at every step.

Advancing Your Operations with Modern Business Solutions

Supply Chain

Our customisable solutions maximise your benefits and reduce operational burdens through cost-saving, effective talent management, and minimal regulatory risks.

Statement of Work

We build an agile model to secure maximum benefits through an SOW partner channel and measure milestones for outsourced work through a proven methodology.

Vendor Management
System (VMS) Integration

We partner with you to integrate and adapt to a VMS tool that enhances user experience, achieves your program’s goals, and delivers maximum efficiency.

Compliance Solution

Our proprietary digital risk governance solution implements an automated statutory audit platform driven by AL and ML to help you reduce costs by 50% while conducting 100% audit checks.

What Sets Us Apart?

Our direct sourcing capabilities, along with a broad supplier network, allows us to meet the talent demand in record time.

Our data-driven supply chain engine creates cost awareness within buyer groups to gain a competitive cost advantage. With our proven methodology for cost savings, we let you onboard talent at an optimised expense.

Our digital-first approach is proven to bring process transformation by adopting VMS systems in addition to a wide array of HR tools that automate and improve the user experience.

Our compliance advisory makes it easy for organisations to adopt complex regulatory and labour laws. We proactively eliminate risks and create a strong compliance framework for your processes.