Why Quess Singapore?

At Quess Singapore, we work towards developing a fair and inclusive work culture driven by smart ideas, modern technology, and an innovative workforce. We are a fast-paced organisation with tech-enabled, people-centric strategies and growth plans, offering opportunities to employees to upskill their talent. Placing the welfare of our people at the forefront, we empower our workforce with competitive skills and give free reins to their thoughts and dreams.

” Think global, act local “

While Quess Singapore upholds a global work culture, we are also proud of promoting our local talents. We are focused on providing great opportunities to Singaporeans and supporting them to show their best at work. We believe that when we give an opportunity to one member, we are setting grounds to uplift an entire community. And that’s what we do at Quess Singapore – think globally, act locally.

We Value our People

    • We offer advanced training and development programmes for professionals who want to upskill themselves with the latest technology and courses.
    • We enable individuals to explore different departments or job profiles through our career transitions/redeployment options.
    • We offer our employees the opportunity to work with Fortune 500 clients.
    • We foster a culture that mandates work-life balance and ensures a healthy and friendly work environment for our employees.

A Fair and Inclusive Work Culture

  • We source quality candidates based on merit, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, marital status, family responsibilities, or disability.
  • We treat our employees fairly and with respect by implementing a progressive human resource management system.
  • We provide our employees with a wide variety of opportunities to undergo advanced training and development activities based on their strengths. Our aim is to help them explore their full potential.
  • We reward employees based on their ability, performance, contribution, and experience.

An opportunity to upskill and reskill

We believe that learning continually is essential for individuals’ growth, and online platforms have proven to be an effective way for professional learning. Knowing the skills in demand in today’s marketplaces, we provide upskilling and reskilling opportunities to our Singaporean workforce with the support of various providers.

We have partnered with three leading providers in the areas of education, certification and learning to help upskill and reskill.


Knowlathon offers various trainings and certifications, including domains such as ITIL, PMI, ISO, DevOps & Agile, Amazon Cloud, Cisco, Microsoft Azure Admin, Scrum Alliance, SaFe, and many more.


Emeritus partners with top universities including MIT, Columbia, Harvard, Cambridge, INSEAD, Wharton, IIT, IIM, NUS, and HKUST to make world-class education accessible globally. Their wide variety of courses include Data Science, Digital Transformation, Coding, and AI/ML.


Peoplecert’s certification portfolio for professional and language skills cover a wide range of subjects with examinations for globally recognised frameworks such as ITIL, Prince2, Prince2 Agile, Devops, Scrum and Lean Six Sigma.

Be the Change

At Quess Singapore, we give you the opportunity to work with people from different walks of life, with engaging ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives, and broaden the horizon of possibility.

Work with the best in the industry, challenge yourself, and make an impact in the world.